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Software License Management for SaaS Optimization and Automation

Discover an industry-leading software license management application, used worldwide, to automate and optimize user licensing, manage contracts, automate renewals processes, secure application risks and predict future SaaS expenditures

The Future of SaaS License Automation, Optimization,
License Management, and Reporting and Analytics

Better data means better decisions. License management software for internal software applications is a growing need so organizations can automate and optimize their user licensing. SaaSLicense is a dashboard driven and AI-powered IT license management tool for SaaS that brings executive insight into application spend, utilization, contract renewals and risk management, together in one simple interface.   According to, Amalgam Insightsin 2017, companies averaged 30-40% waste in unmonitored SaaS.   Do you know if you have control of your SaaS budget? 

Optimization and Automation Software License Management

Optimize  your SaaS investment by identifying waste in duplicative or unused licensing spend. Additionally, companies reduce procurement cycles by consolidating and improving contract management workflow. Understand and manage risk by tracking and tagging data distribution across applications.

Unlock Visibility into SaaS License Spend

SaaSLicense helps companies visually see and capture actual license counts, usage/under-usage, utilization within departments, as well as, assists with the entire process of cloud application license management.

Centrally Managed Software Contracts

A single SaaS platform, to organize track and manage contract and renewal licensing data. Create custom fields and notification preferences to streamline the contract management process.

Show Strong Audit Control over Your Data

From a single platform, enterprises gain insight into user analytics, secure contract management and risk analysis. In depth reporting allows for greater visibility into GDPR/SOC2 compliance and insight into sensitive data security.

Proactively Manage the Renewals Process

License Renewal Management needs to address the complete license renewal life-cycle, inclusive of contracts and compliance, the automation of renewals, renewal workflow strategy and custom alerting and notifications.

Tools for Predictive Analytics and Attrition

Through multiple Business Intelligence analytics, SaaSLicense will give your team critical reporting tools that will allow you to effectively measure SaaS software utilization and understand the value of corporate SaaS applications.

Optimize a Long Term Purchasing Strategy

Use SaaSLicense as a budgeting and forecasting tool, overall spending can be managed down to the individual user. Forecasts can be done for new hires and future purchases, predictive analytics, "What If" and attrition reporting.

who benefits from saaslicense?

With SaaS purchasing being done outside of IT, it is important that all departments are in sync with each other when it comes to SaaS contracts, subscription renewals, SaaS spend, application budgeting and forecasting to eliminate license waste and over spending.

Finance: CFO’s need all the visibility into SaaS spending. Shadow IT and the fact that Forrester says that 65% of technology is now bought outside of IT, is causing major adoption and lots of visibility loss for the CIO. However, the Finance organization sees it and needs help to drive control.


Knowing where your corporate and customer data exists shows strong audit control and ability to respond to security incidents with more precision.


Drive full visibility into you contract management life cycle. Never miss a renewal or an out clause again


To save costs, provide dashboard visibility and assist in budgeting and forecasting.

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