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SaaS License Optimization

Identify and manage SaaS license utilization and optimize unused and under-utilized licensing.  Eliminate duplicative technology and get the most out of your SaaS investment.

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Gain Visibility into your SaaS Users and Optimize your Environment

Software License Optimization is a term used to describe a range of capabilities that complement traditional IT Asset Management and that provide organizations with the ability to maximize use of their procured software licenses while minimizing spend associated with those licenses. Software License Optimization offers one of the largest areas for potential cost savings in any organization’s IT budget.  

ITAM – Software License Optimization is the ongoing process of proactively managing the software estate, throughout the software product lifecycle, to maximize utilization of assets, minimize costs and maintain license compliance. It requires reconciling software installations (inventory data) with what the organization has purchased—license entitlements, taking into account the vendor’s product use rights that determine how the software can be installed and/or used.

Optimize SaaS Subscriptions and Licensing

As you consolidate, virtualize or re-platform your infrastructure, it may be difficult to keep track of what database and software components are licensed, where they are deployed, and whether there is a more efficient strategy to maximize the value of your software licenses. You may even find yourself over-licensed in one area and out of compliance in another. SaaSLicense Optimization process consists of three interrelated service offerings that can be delivered individually or as a group.

license utilization and potential savings
Optimize your SaaS Application Spend

License Utilization Analytics

SaaSLicense License Optimization reporting provides a window into License Optimization and overall User Activity to optimize application adoption. When running a License Optimization query across the entire Enterprise application stack, you are able to quickly identify your who your bottom % of users are and report the potential cost of that low utilization.

  • Unused Licensing
  • License Under-Utilization
  • Over Consuption
  • License Utilization by App
  • License Consumption by Department
  • License Utilization by Domain or Franchise

Contract Reporting helps you understand your software contracts and provides a detailed report of exactly what licenses are under contract, including quantities, metrics, costs and terms.

License Deployment Analysis leverages the utilization metrics and provides you with a detailed report of where your licenses are deployed as well as where you stand on license consumption and compliance.

License Strategy and Roadmap provides actionable recommendations for the deployment of software in an efficient, cost-effective way—to best support your ongoing infrastructure initiatives.


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