SaaS Budget Management and Forecasting

Effectively manage your SaaS budget with SaaSLicense’s tool and manage your overall SaaS spend. SaaSLicense will manage the on-boarding and off-boarding of employee application licensing to eliminate inefficiencies in budgeting and forecasting.

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SaaS Spend Forecasting and Your Upcoming Budget
Preparing for Optimal Financial Governance

Forecasting your department’s SaaS technology investment can be especially challenging. For one, utilizing data, regarding your current software subscriptions, is not readily available in one centralized location. Secondly, SaaS subscriptions purchased outside of IT are nearly impossible to track effectively.  With SaaSLicense, a central point of reference is provided for Finance to gain control of SaaS applications, and to analyze current and future costs.  

SaaS Spend Budgeting and Forecasting

The Necessity of Financial Teams to Automate their SaaS Budget is Critical

Finance and Procurement teams don’t spend a lot of time personally evaluating, purchasing and analyzing software outside of major financial systems. However, software itself has undergone radical changes with the introduction of the software as a service (SaaS) model.  It is critical to migrate away from the spreadsheet and leverage an understanding of this new centralized model for the success of any Finance department. A tool like SaaSLicense can help assist with:

Predictive Analytics – What if? and Attrition Reporting allows for unique insight into predictive spend modeling and SaaS forecasting. 

Reducing SaaS Spend by procuring and renewing only the applications that give you maximum benefit and a return on investment.

How can SaaSLicense helps you gain control of your budgeting and financing?

Budget New Hire

Forecast new department hires accurately with our simple What If? SaaS deep dive reporting tool.

Capture Application Redundancies

Drill down to applications by department and see where duplicate service applications exist to cut application costs.

Identify License Run Out Dates/Attrition

Gain critical insight into user's SaaS license use and potential overages and compliance issues.

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We know that organizations worldwide are struggling with how to respond to COVID-19, and the need to stay secure and productive during this critical time. Whether you are an organization trying to launch a work from home strategy or quickly on-board necessary Apps to enable employee continuity, SaaSLicense can help track apps, licenses and costs which are being distributed whether through the enterprise or expense reports. SaaSLicense is offering our SaaS management platform free for 90 days.
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