SaaS Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

SaaSLicense was built to provide the customer with the visibility and tools to be able to make decisions, drive collaborative conversations and drive budget decisions.

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Tools to Automate SaaS Data Analytics for Your Enterprise

Through Predictive Analytics offerings, SaaSLicense will give your team critical tools that will allow you to effectively measure software utilization and understand the value of SaaS applications.  With SaaSLicense, we provide a central point of reference for finance teams to gain control of SaaS applications, and to analyse current and future SaaS costs.

"Drive Business Insight With Effective BI Strategy"
2018 Forrester Report

This Forrester report states that “Enterprise business intelligence (BI) is chock-full of challenges. Only partially a science, it remains mostly an art based on best practices and lessons learned.”  Leveraging a Business Intelligence strategy that includes Predictive Analytics tools can assist with these challenges by managing the future of SaaS spend.  With SaaSLicense you can:

Reduce and Predict SaaS Spend by procuring and renewing only the applications that give you maximum benefit using Application Utilization reporting data and license Attrition data.

Manage SaaS Forecasting for New Hires by performing What If? reporting to determine new SaaS costs per department for new employees.

SaaSLicense Predictive Analytics Tools What If? and Attrition Reporting

What If? Reporting for New Hire Budgeting

Forecast new department hires accurately with our simple What If? reporting tool.

Identify Application Redundancies

Drive ROI visibility of the most under-utilized applications and save costs.

Attrition Identifies License Run Out Dates

Gain critical insight into license use and potential overages.

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We know that organizations worldwide are struggling with how to respond to COVID-19, and the need to stay secure and productive during this critical time. Whether you are an organization trying to launch a work from home strategy or quickly on-board necessary Apps to enable employee continuity, SaaSLicense can help track apps, licenses and costs which are being distributed whether through the enterprise or expense reports. SaaSLicense is offering our SaaS management platform free for 90 days.
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