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Software Contract and SaaS Subscription Management

Efficiently manage all contract data and build an end-to-end digital software purchasing strategy.  

Software Application Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM)

Older methods of enterprise contract management and subscription management are prone to numerous inefficiencies. This includes human error, lost or buried documents stored in multiple places, different applications storing contract data, the difficulty of compiling and analyzing data, as well as, the cost of storage. This not only leads to high administrative costs, but expends resources as well.  A SaaS Contract Management tool, like SaaSLicense, can give you:

Secure Storage Repository Store all contract data in one place to optimize your contract management strategy.

One System for ALL Contract Records

One Version of the Truth for critical information like vendor contact, application owner, licensed users, and reporting.

Reference Accurate Contract Data

Accurately store software contract data and streamline renewal and out-clause tasks. Revamp your contract purchasing .

Secure Storage for Contracts

Securely store important software contract data and documents in one place and automate your purchasing strategy.

Maximize Software Investment and Eliminate Contract Management Inefficiencies

Eliminate Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing contract and subscription related inefficiencies and hidden costs. Through the SaaSLicense management platform, we provide you immediate data driven insights where you can professionally manage all SaaS application contracts in real-time.

License Contract Management
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  • Contract End and Start Dates
  • Software Vendor Contact Management
  • Application Security and Risk
  • Secure Contract Database
  • Application Owner License Collaboration
  • Contract Renewal Workflows
  • Department and Custom Tag Management
  • Add and Manage Custom Contract Fields
  • Software Contract Reporting
  • Software Contract Renewal Alerts
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