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SaaS License Management for Optimization and
Software Licensing Automation

Gain visibility into licensed users and utilization analytics immediately to effectively manage your enterprise licensing. There is no complex integration involved, as you can simply connect within seconds without any hassles and start to automate your corporate licensing purchasing.

Manage and Optimize SaaS Licenses through Automation

Eliminate SaaS licensing related inefficiencies and hidden software costs. Through the SaaSLicense platform, we provide you immediate data driven insights where you can professionally manage all SaaS application cost and user licensing in real-time.  From your user license utilization data you can now start to optimize your software applications.

Solutions to Take Away the Complexity of Managing SaaS

SaaS has proliferated throughout organizations and there needs to be a systematic way to create collaboration without creating silos and creating roadblocks for acquiring user licenses.  Having a single platform to visually see and manage users, and utilization is just the start……..

Capture License

Simply connect to your SaaS Application API and instantly see all users, utilization, spend, compliance and risk, displayed visually against usage data.


Discover Shadow IT SaaS applications and visually see one version of the truth for license management and identification with SSO integration.

Discover Underutilized Licenses

Wouldn't any company like to see what they have for apps running on their network and who is using them? SaaSLicense Identifies underutilized licenses to optimize.

Receive Alerts and Out Clause Notifications

SaaSLicense gives you the ability to configure alerts and notifications by alert type, recipient(s) and frequency on your contracts, and renewals.

Are you in Compliance?

Managing contracts and renewals and keeping up with out clauses and and having Shadow IT throughout your enterprise makes any procurement job a challenging.

Identify and Eliminate Duplicate Applications

When organizations have multiple locations and more remote employees, having applications perform the same function is common but difficult to identify.

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Manage and Optimize Cloud Licenses Through Automation

Amalgam Insights states that on average 39% of licenses are unused or underutilized

Ineffective management of SaaS licenses reduces the value of applications and increases enterprise-related security risks. Without true visibility into applications and their respective licenses, under-utilization results.  SaaSLicense can help your organizations implement a SaaS License Management strategy through:

Application and License Discovery  

Through direct integrations with your Single Sign-On (SSO) and individual cloud application API connectors. SaaSLicense matching algorithm discovers and categorizes all applications and presents an easy to use interface to see you data visually. 

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