Optimize and Manage SaaS

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Whether a company is looking at SaaS through a Finance or IT perspective, strategic implementation, organization and management is extremely important to ensure profitability and ROI.

Optimize and Manage SaaS Spend

Optimize SaaS Licensing

With the proliferation of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), companies must evolve and adopt new ways to manage their SaaS environment.  Many enterprises lack visibility into true license costs and face challenges around Shadow IT  with consequent compliance and security risks on the applications that may contain sensitive data. Corporate enterprises can now free up some time for IT to focus on larger issues all while being able to manage their licenses and keep track of the timeliness of when renewal contracts go out. This can all be done under one user friendly platform.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, in a sense, this can most definitely be the case. Without the proper software management tool in place, the influx of SaaS can easily present new challenges for any organization. Both IT and Procurement teams are left to figure out how to effectively manage a chaotic and disorganized environment since each department now has the liberties to purchase their own software licenses without having to get the permissions they used to.

Additionally, signing SaaS contracts is most often done blindly, without the proper knowledge to make intelligent decisions. Companies must come up with conclusions without any sort of solid usage data, or other insights, to inform you about the correct amount of  licenses you should purchase for the next fiscal year. When new employees join the company, a new license is immediately assigned, simultaneous to old licenses not being utilized because previous employees have left.

How do you stay on top of all SaaS contracts and renewals and solve the issues of internal data security when everything isn’t being tracked by one source? How can you know exactly who is and who isn’t using particular software licenses within your utilization? How do you not waste money on unused licenses and actually provide cost savings to your organization?

If these scenarios sound all too familiar and you are asking yourself these same questions, download our whitepaper titled Simplifying SaaS management for cost savings and optimization. You’ll learn more about the struggles organizations face when it comes to SaaS management and what to do about it.

  • SaaS subscription management chaos
  • IT and Procurement SaaS Challenges
  • Deciphering who owns SaaS Application Management
  • The Cost of SaaS
  • Hidden SaaS spend
  • Ways to Optimize SaaS spend
  • Real-Time SaaS Management

Cost savings and SaaS optimization are absolutely within reach for your organization. The first step is understanding the problem so that you can take action to fix it and manage your SaaS needs on an ongoing basis.

Along the way, you’ll find ways for your teams to save money without removing applications that are needed for them to do their jobs effectively all while making you look like a hero!  Read Article

Optimize SaaS Licensing
SaaSLicense Real-Time SaaS Management

SaaSLicense Real-Time SaaS Management

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We know the world is evolving at a rapid pace. Companies must adopt new ways of managing their SaaS licenses in order to be truly successful. Our SaaS Management Platform is designed to help enterprises do a deeper dive and gain full visibility of their  environment  and all that it is comprised of.

Gain Visibility of User Utilization and Cost

Dealing with employee attrition makes it challenging to know where you can re-allocate and eliminate under-utilized licenses.

Manage SaaS Licensing

Connect to your SaaS applications and start visually see where improvements and savings can start.
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