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Free Up 20% Of IT Budget

If you could save 20% on your IT budget would you listen? Managing SaaS License efficiently and visibly seeing your enterprise is the first step.

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Discover Shadow IT

There are many risks when it comes to Shadow IT. Without proper governance the Asset Management Team can lead to unplanned audits leaving the company exposed to compliance issues.

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SaaS is a Critical Asset

Managing SaaS Applications Has Grown Increasingly Challenging. As software and hardware moved from on-premise to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model I wondered how the management shift

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About SaaSLicense

We know the world is evolving at a rapid pace. Companies must adopt new ways of managing their SaaS licenses in order to be truly successful. Our platform is designed to help enterprises do a deeper dive and gain full visibility of their  environment  and all that it is comprised of.

Gain Visibility of User
Utilization and Cost

Dealing with employee attrition makes it challenging to know where you can re-allocate and eliminate under-utilized licenses.

Manage SaaS Licensing

Connect to your SaaS applications and start visually see where improvements and savings can start.

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