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SaaS Enterprise License Management Platform

A SaaS License Management Platform to manage your Enterprise SaaS Licenses and gain visibility into licensed users, license utilization and SaaS cost and optimize your environment. Additionally, companies can manage all software contracts, subscription and store important documents to automate software renewals.

Manage your enterprise SaaS environment by discovering what licenses are in use and creating a directory.  Then you can start to normalize and optimize your SaaS assets and begin to maximize your overall SaaS investment.

SaaSLicense integrates with the major single sign-on (SSO) vendor applications for increased security and giving organizations a SaaS license management platform to manage cost, utilization, and contract renewals.

SaaSLicense connects directly to SaaS application API’s, gathering important SaaS user licensing data for analysis.  Begin to automate, manage, and report on the entire SaaS enterprise and maximize your corporate investments.

SaaS License integration with Single sign-on (SSO) systems like Okta, OneLogin, IBM Cloud Identity, and Active Directory (ADFS) to enable users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and gain license usage, utilization, and SaaS cost with in depth SaaS reporting and contract renewal management and alerting.

Connecting directly to your major applications with SaaSLicense enables organizations to gain visibility into the entire SaaS enterprise.  Start managing your license count, see where licenses are under utilized and see where you can save money on your SaaS spend.

SaaS License Management Platform API Integration Connectors
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