NetSuite API Integration Connector for SaaSLicense

Securely integrate with our NetSuite API connector for SaaSLicense and gain visibility into your licensed users, application utilization and SaaS spend across the enterprise.

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ERP software tools like NetSuite are critical for financials, CRM, and eCommerce.  With an ERP system like NetSuite, a costly monthly or yearly fee can oftentimes have a negative impact on your bottom line. This expense can grow exponentially if not managed correctly.  NetSuite is a large SaaS expense for any company and managing the on-boarding and off-boarding of employees can certainly be a burden. When re-assigning licenses, there can be confusion around where the ownership actually lies.

With SaaSLicense, you will gain visibility into all user NetSuite licenses, license utilization and SaaS spend.  By having this type of visibility, you can start to make sound, educated decisions based on reporting and analytics and, in turn, reduce wasted SaaS budget on licenses that people are not using or licenses that are being under-utilized. 

Manage all your NetSuite contracts and important documents on one platform. SaaSlicense can be configured to manage all your contracts and subscriptions. With alerting capabilities, you now have the ability to never be late on a contract renewal.  Increasing your profits by being able to  manage your NetSuite licensing efficiently and with an exact measure, will inevitably enable your organization to evolve in the right direction.

NetSuite Contract and License Management

Enterprise Licence Management for Netsuite Spend and Utilization

NetSuite API Integration Connector
Netsuite Direct API Integration
Connector for SaaSLicense

NetSuite API Connector for SaaSLicense

Getting started is easy.  Register for a trial of SaaSLicense and simply sign-In with your NetSuite administrative credentials through a secure OAuth API connection.  Once authorized and connected, it will take a few minutes to populate your SaaSLicense platform so you can now start seeing your NetSuite users, utilization and cost.  Start eliminating unnecessary expenditures on your NetSuite licenses.

License Reporting and Data Analytics for NetSuite

Licensing Report Types

* NetSuite Licensing Summary

* NetSuite Cost by Budget Owner

* NetSuite Cost by Software Types

* NetSuite Cost by User

* NetSuite Inactive Users

* NetSuite License Overage

* NetSuite Savings History

* NetSuite Suggested Savings

* NetSuite Licensing Report Builder

NetSuite Reporting and Predictive Analytics

Additional Resources for Netsuite License Management

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