Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) API Integration with SaaSLicense

Align SaaS application spend against utilization on an enterprise level. Okta and SaaSLicense integration for Single-Sign On (SSO) to all your web and mobile apps, with a full-featured federation engine and access policy.

How SaaSLicense and Okta Streamline Security and Subscription License Management

Used in conjunction, Okta and SaaSLicense create a centralized system of record for SaaS-based software, giving an organization complete visibility into its SaaS application environment. Together, Okta and SaaSLicense enable an organization to contain Shadow IT and eliminate wasted budget dollars on unused licenses and increase adoption of invested corporate SaaS applications. 

What can you see with Okta and SaaSLicense Integration?

With the speed and ease with which organizations on-board SaaS applications, it’s becoming more difficult to track total spend and utilization across the enterprise. SaaSLicense provides a single pane view across the organization with the ability to snapshot by cost center or department. 


Rather than analyze utilization prior to renewals, SaaSLicense makes it easy to stay ahead of the stale users and activity distribution. SaaSLicense makes it easy to contact stale users of expensive applications so that you can make important redeployment decisions in real time. More importantly, when underutilized applications are identified, they can trigger internal conversations about productivity enablers and training resources which may be needed to drive ROI.


Identify new applications to put behind Okta. By following the purchasing and employee expense trail, easily identify new applications to put behind Okta or existing applications which are costing your organization because they fall outside of corporate agreements.


With Okta, SaaSLicense is provided an easy point of entry to uncover all activity and inactivity, reporting valuable insight which empowers you to optimize spend across the business.

While our direct integrations with the common, often most expensive vendors make it possible for SaaSLicense to provide valuable license cost / usage analysis.  Integrating with Okta gives us insight into all applications, used across the organization no matter how big or small.

With this deeper access, we can outline the most comprehensive picture of your application and license utilization, spend, and opportunity for savings.

Okta SSO and MFA Integration with SaaSLicense and Start to Optimize your Enterprise License Spend

SassLicense connects Okta Group Types and identifies all users that have been created in Okta. Organizations can now start to monitor license utilization and maximize your investment by optimizing application spend and application adoption.

Perform License Analytics

Compare the spend on each application against usage data

Discover License Waste and Inefficiencies

Identify underutilized licenses to recommision

License Management

Easily Manage License Atrrition and Spend by creating groupings in Okta

AD Agent/SaaSLicense Integration

Easily manage users though Okta's AD agent and SaaSLicense

Identify License Under-Utilization

Drive ROI visibility of the most under-utilized applications, explore reallocation vs enablement

Discover Shadow IT

Identify SaaS applications running outside of Okta 's SSO and MFA.

See how easy it is to connect and start seing valuable insights on you SaaS enterprise!

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We Made the Switch to SaaSLicense!

The service provides the functionality we need with an interface that is simple to use and administrator friendly, and, their customer support is outstanding.   We highly recommend SaaSLicense.  

Nick White

Head of IT, UserTesting

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We know that organizations worldwide are struggling with how to respond to COVID-19, and the need to stay secure and productive during this critical time. Whether you are an organization trying to launch a work from home strategy or quickly on-board necessary Apps to enable employee continuity, SaaSLicense can help track apps, licenses and costs which are being distributed whether through the enterprise or expense reports. SaaSLicense is offering our SaaS management platform free for 90 days.
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