SaaS Management for Finance

Benefits for the Finance Department starts with a single platform to see all of the organizations SaaS Licensing Spend, SaaS Contracts, SaaS Renewals, and SaaS Reporting & Analytics

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SaaS Management and Optimization and Control SaaS Spend

In today’s business world, the use of software applications is crucial to any organization’s success. So much so, that a very large part of an enterprise budget consists of IT expenditures. It is quite conceivable, however, that those in Finance, whether they work for large well-known corporations or new startup companies, do not see or know about all the software application purchases that are going on around them. With that said, how can they effectively adhere to annual budgets? The truth is, they can’t. SaaSLicense was designed and developed to address these challenges:

How much are you budgeting
for SaaS Software?

It has been found that companies are overspending on software by 30% to 60%. Oftentimes, software licenses are being purchased but never actually get utilized. IT tends to overcompensate and buys extra licenses just to “be on the safe side”. On the other hand, some may use unlicensed software, leaving themselves open to fines and real scrutiny when they get audited. 

Simplify SaaS Management

Using unlicensed software is illegal and exposes businesses to security threats including malware, ransomware, spyware and viruses. These issues are often compounded by mergers and acquisitions as organizations inherit a wide range of untrackable software. It is a rarity when a company can say they are fully compliant regarding their software licensing.

Discover Shadow IT

SaaSLicense can reduce cloud application waste by 20% – 40%.  Wouldn’t this be the easiest way to save critical budget dollars.

Learn How to Optimize SaaS

Manage ALL your SaaS Licensing with One Platform

Finance professionals pride themselves on having the expertise to determine which financial measures need to be in place to cut down unnecessary spending. They, however, often lack the right tools that could provide metrics to judge IT success. 

Because of this, companies risk overspending on IT investments, such as the influx of new software license purchases and upgrades, making their determinations merely on estimations. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for a company to have proper controls in place to manage its software environment productively.

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We know that organizations worldwide are struggling with how to respond to COVID-19, and the need to stay secure and productive during this critical time. Whether you are an organization trying to launch a work from home strategy or quickly on-board necessary Apps to enable employee continuity, SaaSLicense can help track apps, licenses and costs which are being distributed whether through the enterprise or expense reports. SaaSLicense is offering our SaaS management platform free for 90 days.
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