Information Technology Benefits by Improving SaaS Management

Knowing where your corporate and customer data exists shows strong audit control and ability to respond to security incidents with more precision. Introducing Saas License’s management tool will inevitably provide your organization with information technology benefits.

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SaaS Management Benefits for the IT Professional

Enterprise software licensing is a complex and daunting task…probably much more than you realize. It is safe to say, that if you ask any IT professional, you will find that very few have a handle on how much software is running on their systems and exactly who is using what. With new teams constantly forming and new projects emerging on a daily basis, realistically, how could they? While Enterprises truly want what is best for their organizations financially, it is inevitable that most companies struggle to maintain control over their software licenses. SaaS License can rectify this issue immediately by providing the information technology benefits they have been lacking.

Corporate Enterprise SaaS
Management Challenges

It has been found that companies are overspending on software by 30% to 60%. Oftentimes, software licenses are being purchased but never actually get utilized. IT tends to overcompensate and buys extra licenses just to “be on the safe side”. On the other hand, some may use unlicensed software, leaving themselves open to fines and real scrutiny when they get audited. 

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Using unlicensed software is illegal and exposes businesses to security threats including malware, ransomware, spyware and viruses. These issues are often compounded by mergers and acquisitions as organizations inherit a wide range of untrackable software. It is a rarity when a company can say they are fully compliant regarding their software licensing.

Learn How to Reduce SaaS Risk

SaaSLicense can reduce Cloud application waste by 20%.  If a CIO or CTO was tasked to cut their budget significantly, they would typically do this by reducing headcount. With the SaaSLicense management tool, this can be eliminated and this headache can be alleviated.

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IT SaaS Enterprise Spend

Discover and Manage Shadow IT

Although Cloud computing has cut the cost on the hardware side, since companies are now only paying for what they are consuming, many enterprises end up paying monthly subscription fees for resources they are only partially using. In addition, using IT assets that are invisible to IT complicates security risks such as data security, regulatory compliance and can increases the cost of IT operations. 

Identify Shadow IT  

Manage Shadow IT

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We know that organizations worldwide are struggling with how to respond to COVID-19, and the need to stay secure and productive during this critical time. Whether you are an organization trying to launch a work from home strategy or quickly on-board necessary Apps to enable employee continuity, SaaSLicense can help track apps, licenses and costs which are being distributed whether through the enterprise or expense reports. SaaSLicense is offering our SaaS management platform free for 90 days.
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