SaaS Management for the Procurement Professionals

Procurement can help optimize SaaS Spending with Contract and
Renewal Management with SaaSLicense

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Full Visibility for Procurement into SaaS Licensing Across the Enterprise

SaaSLicense is the solution Procurement teams have been looking for to easily manage their contract information, user consumption, optimization analytics, and suggested savings all in one tool.  

SaaS Contract Alerts

Set notifications for SaaS contract expiration and out-clause dates

Saas Cost by Department

Cost modeling and budget creation for enterprise SaaS contracts

Customize internal data type fields for filtering and reporting

SaaS License User Cost

Drive ROI visibility of the most under-utilized applications and make decisions to optimize applications and save costs

Contract Expiration Alerts

Visual timelines and automated workflows simplify upcoming renewals, internal review processes, and approval management

Identify Duplicate SaaS Applications

Recoup spend from applications with the same functionality, easily identify and eliminate duplicate SaaS apps

Saas Cost by Department

Analyze utilization and cost
by budget owner

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