About SaaSLicense

"SaaSLicense was founded due to the immense rise of SaaS in the subscription-based economy and the newfound challenges license management brings to the Enterprise" - Alex Sukennik, CoFounder

Our vision was to create a seamless platform for optimizing SaaS Management, SaaS Analytics and SaaS Budgeting/Forecasting for customers, providers, and end users

Our Team

Alex Sukennik

 Alex Sukennik – CoFounder

SaaSLicense was founded, by Alex Sukennik and Oleg Rukavishnikov, due to the immense rise of SaaS in the subscription-based economy and the newfound challenges license management brings to the enterprise. Embedded in the technology sector, they saw the immense need of this vertical of SaaS License Management as a platform to be addressed in the industry.

Alex Sukennik is currently Chief Information Officer of Avid Technology (Nasdaq: AVID), a global provider of software and integrated solutions for media and entertainment creation, management and delivery. He is responsible for overall IT strategy including: internal and external customer-facing technology infrastructure, enterprise business applications, BI, cloud adoption, data center hosting, security, and operations for the Digital Platform team.

Prior to Avid, Alex was Vice President of Infrastructure and Operations for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt leading the digital transformation of the business with a focus on operations and infrastructure modernization. Previously, Alex was Vice President and Head of Information Technology for Rapid7 where he helped drive the overall IT strategy to enable a successful IPO in 2015. Alex also served as CIO of Parallels and Head of IT at Acronis, both global software companies.

Alex has over 23 years of experience in information technology, including roles in sales while driving the cloud services business for Acronis, and a successful consulting business that delivered solutions to legal, financial, construction and software industries. Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in MIS and Marketing, as well as an MBA, both from Northeastern University.

Management Team

Ellan Murphy

Ellan has worked with several enterprise companies like IBM and Oracle, high growth companies like Embarcadero (the # 1 IPO in 2001) to fast acquisition start up companies like Imceda - sold to Quest Software in 14 months. Ellan also worked for Acronis Software and GFI which was the parent company for TeamViewer and LogicNow and Vipre. Ellan has been Vice President of Sales since her Imceda days.

Ellan has degrees from Kent State and Rutgers University

Oleg Rukavishnikov

Oleg Rukavishnikov
CTO, CoFounder

Oleg has been a Software Developer and Engineer for over 12 years. Over the span of his career he has built up an impressive resume of Web Application Development, Data Analysis and Coding skills. Oleg has managed engineering groups, established organizational development policies and has driven technical strategies at several software companies.

Oleg has an MS in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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