SaaSLicense and License Management

Manage Your Cloud Licenses Across the Enterprise
From One System of Record

Eliminate SaaS license related inefficiencies and hidden costs. Through the SaaSLicense platform we provide you immediate data driven insights where you can professionally manage all SaaS applications in real-time.

Ineffective management of SaaS licenses reduces the value of applications and increases enterprise-related security risks. Without true visibility into applications and their respective licenses, underutilization results.  SaaSLicense can help your business’ SaaS Management strategy through:

Application and License Discovery  Through direct integrations with your SSO and individual connectors, SaaSLicense matching algorithm discovers and categorizes all applications. 

Reduce SaaS Spend by procuring/renewing only the applications that give you maximum benefit


Manage Cloud Licenses

Manage and Optimize SaaS Licenses through Automation

Capture License Analytics

Compare the spend on each application against usage data

Identify Shadow IT

Discover Shadow IT applications and get one version of the truth for license management and identification with SSO integration.

Discover License Underutilization

Identify underutilized licenses to recommision

We Made the Switch to SaaSLicense!

The service provides the functionality we need with an interface that is simple to use and administrator friendly, and, their customer support is outstanding.   We highly recommend SaaSLicense.  


Nick White


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