SaaSLicense and Contract Management

Simplify the Contract Management Lifecycle with SaaSLicense

Older methods of enterprise contract management is prone to numerous inefficiencies, including human error, lost or buried documents stored in multiple places, different applications storing contract data, and the difficulty of compiling and analyzing data, and the cost of storage. This leads to high administrative costs and expends resources.  A SaaS Contract Management tool like SaaSLicense can give you:

One System of Record One Version of the Truth for critical information like vendor contact, end user contact and out clauses.

Secure Storage Repository Store all contract data in one place to optimize your Contract Management strategy now.

The SaaSLicense 5 Point Contract Management Strategy

How SaaSLicense Helps You Organize Your Contract Management Process

One System of Contract Records

Organize contract data in one place - one record of the "Truth". Drill down by Application for full visibility.

Reference Accurate Contract Data

Set notification dates.  Establish out clause timeframes. Assign vendor and internal contact.

Secure Storage for Contracts

Store NDA, Invoices, Presentations in one system.

We Made the Switch to SaaSLicense!

The service provides the functionality we need with an interface that is simple to use and administrator friendly, and, their customer support is outstanding.   We highly recommend SaaSLicense.  


Nick White


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