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SaaSLicense is a SaaS Management Platform that provides visibility into use and spend data to ensure maximum value is realized from SaaS applications

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The Problem - SaaS Application Takeover

73% of Companies Will be Purely Running on SaaS by 2020

This is becoming a huge issue for large companies trying to manage SaaS Spend.  Budgeting and Forecasting becomes even more of a challenge when there is no system to locate and monitor these licenses, other than spreadsheets. SaaS license ownership now lies on a split between IT and the business: Who is in control?  

“65% of SaaS Purchasing is done outside of IT” – Forrester, 2018

The Solution - Better SaaS License Management

Manage Cloud Licenses

SaaSLicense Helps You Manage all of Your Data from One System of Record

Why SaaSLicense?

At SaaSLicense, we proactively work with companies to help them develop both short term and long term strategies to address this large area of SaaS application chaos. 

Whether a company is looking at SaaS through a Finance or IT perspective, strategic implementation, organization and management of this emerging category is extremely important.  Companies must adapt news way of managing SaaS.

The SaaSLicense Strategy For Managing SaaS

    Capture License Utilization and Spend Data

      Uncover SaaS Spend Visibility across the entire organization.  Eliminate License Waste              through SaaS Discovery

    Gain Control of Your Renewals Process

      Simplify Renewals Reporting, Workflow and Management.  Dashboards and Custom                  Alerts help your enterprise stay on track.

    Perform Risk Management for Audit Activities

      Track and group critical applications by data types and risk levels.  Ensure all                                applications comply with your SaaS governance framework.

    Business Intelligence Tools help predict future SaaS Spend

      Perform Analytics on New Hires.  Gain critical insight into Attrition reporting on license              provisioning.

Budgeting SaaS

Discover the Benefits of SaaSLicense

License Management

Unlock full visibility into SaaS Spend  
SaaSLicense helps companies capture actual license counts, usage/under-usage, utilization and assists with the entire process of license optimization.


Optimize Your Long Term Purchasing Strategy
Use as a Budgeting and Forecasting tool that helps manage new hires and future purchases.  Predictive Analytics, What if and Attrition reporting.

Renewals Management

Proactively Manage the Renewals Process 
SaaSLicense addresses the complete renewal process: from contracts to compliance, and automated renewals workflow strategy and custom notifications.


Show Strong Audit Control over Your Data
From a single platform gain insight into user analytics, secure contract management and risk analysis.  In depth reporting allows for greater visibility into GDPR/SOC2 compliancy and insight into data security.

Contract Management

Manage Contracts and Relevant Data
Through Predictive Analytics offerings, SaaSLicense will give your team critical tools that will allow you to effectively measure software utilization and understand the value of SaaS applications

Business Intelligence

Tools for Predictive Analytics and Attrition
Through multiple BI analytics offerings, SaaSLicense will give your team critical tools that will allow you to effectively measure software utilization and understand the value of SaaS applications

Download Our Whitepaper - The Keys to SaaS License Management

At SaaSLicense, we recommend a strategy that combines Identification, Documentation and Optimization of the SaaS environment to tackle these challenges from an internal perspective.  Using a tool like SaaSLicense to track licenses, manage contracts and renewals and address security concerns in this plan is the most effective way you can deal with the issue of SaaS Management.

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